Cut out

Finding a swarm or cluster of bees on your property can incite a little (or a lot) of fear, but don’t panic or call an exterminator – call a beekeeper!

Swarming bees are generally not aggressive, they are concerned with finding a new home. A responsible beekeeper will try to save the hive and relocate it with minimal disturbance to the surrounding area. If a hive is found within a building, the beekeeper may need to open the walls to retrieve the bees, comb, and honey to ensure another hive doesn’t take up residence. Not all beekeepers are licensed contractors and may decline a job depending on the severity of the hive.

Keep in mind beekeepers may charge for their services and prices vary depending on the job.

Robert Holliday – Swarms only

  • Phone: (580)920-8421
  • Email: bees.c2018@gmail.com
  • Areas of Service: Marshall, Love, Bryan, Johnson, Carter Counties

Robert Miller – Swarms only

  • Phone: (469) 999-7130 Robert
  • Phone: (972) 974-1028 Karen
  • Areas of Service: Marshall County

Johnnie Milliam – Swarms only

  • Phone: (785) 418-0072
  • Areas of Service: Marshall and Bryan Counties

Sue Nelson – Swarms only

  • Phone: (580) 677-1656
  • Areas of Service: Marshall County

Dionne Lytle – Swarms only

  • Phone: (580) 564-6233
  • Areas of Service: Marshall County

Woody Posey – Swarms lower than 10 feet

Lonna Presgrove and Donna Cox – Cut outs and Swarms

  • Phone: (580) 504-5254 Lonna
  • Phone: (580) 277-1608 Donna
  • Email: Lonna.presgrove@gmail.com
  • Areas of Service: South Central Oklahoma

Liana Cibery and Dwanye Morrill – Cut outs and Swarms

Gerald Bell – Cut outs and Swarms

  • Phone: (580) 224-7045 and (580) 224-1357
  • Areas of Service: Marshall, Carter, Love Counties

Chris Bradshaw – Cut outs and Swarms

Mike Bradford – Cut outs and Swarms