TOBA offers a volunteer based mentorship program for beginner and experienced beekeepers alike. Continued education is the key to success when it comes to beekeeping!

Our mentors are experienced backyard and/or rural beekeepers and are dedicated to providing the following to our mentees:

  • A safe space to learn and ask questions
  • Offering support in how and where to improve practices
  • An accountability partner in being a responsible beekeeper
  • Offering encouragement to build self confidence
  • Providing hands on hive time

To participate in the program and make it worthwhile for both the mentor and mentee, we ask for our participants to be willing to:

  • Be available via phone, digitally, or in person
  • Spend time with Mentor/Mentee
  • Drive short distances
  • Positively teach/coach
  • Learn
  • Behave in a respectful and courteous manner
  • Give/receive honest and direct feedback
  • Listen without judgement
  • Work hives with Mentor/Mentee

If you would like to participate in our mentorship program, please send us an email!