Monthly Meetings

Upcoming Beekeeping Classes

OSBA Spring Conference – March 11, 2023

We are excited to host the OSBA Spring Conference and guest speaker John Swan of Wicked Bee on Saturday, March 11 from 9am to 3pm. This is a free event, but we will offer a paid lunch. The Spring conference is a chance for beekeepers throughout Oklahoma to join together for a day of bees and education. Beekeeping varies from region to region, so it’s always interesting to see how people manage their bees in different parts of the state.

A little bit about our speaker, John Swan is a Master Beekeeper and host of the Hive Jive Beekeeping Podcast. He provides training and consultations for other beekeepers, hive management services, and hive leases for land owners looking to do Ag Exemptions around Austin, Texas. Learn more about John at Wicked Bee Apiary.

We look forward to seeing you at the OSU Extension Service Building 11545 HWY 70 Madill 73446

Past Classes

4H Summer Camp ClassJune 22, 2022

Vice President, Pat Tickel, taught a beekeeping class as part of the Marshall County 4H summer camp cohort. He saw many familiar faces and had a blast sharing with the kids the happenings within a beehive. He had wax, a frame of honey, posters, and an observation hive to share with the participants. The kids were stoked to see bees up close and learn how our collective effort can make a positive impact on helping our pollinators.

More information on joining the Marshall County 4H program can be found on their website.

Winter Beginner Beekeeping Class – January 29, 2022

Vice President Pat Tickel and Marketing Chair Alysa Quitoriano had the pleasure of teaching a 6 hour beginner keeping course to new and seasoned beekeepers. Their class focused mainly on bee biology and the happenings within the hive, hoping to impart the importance of understanding the lifecycle and attributes of a successful colony.

4H Summer Camp Class – June 25, 2021

Our President Pat Tickel and member Alysa Quitoriano had a blast teaching 19 kids about beekeeping as part of the Marshall County 4H summer camp. We spoke on the happenings within the hive, what it takes for the bees to be successful, played some trivia, had a waggle dance off, and most importantly were able to provide the kids with hands on hive time.

More information on joining the Marshall County 4H program can be found on their website.

Beginning Beekeeping Courses – 2 part Series March 30 and April 22, 2021

Despite covid restrictions, we had the pleasure of hosting an in person two part series to TOBA members and non members. We were joined by curious, new, and seasoned beekeepers in hopes of preparing them for their upcoming hive installations and first season of beekeeping. With each passing year, there is always something new to be gained, as the constant changes with honey bees, the hive, and the weather is always keeping us on our toes. Through our beginning beekeeping courses, we hope to provide beekeepers with the tools needed to feel confident and comfortable working with their bees.

Beginner Backyard Beekeeping – Zoom Edition March 2021

Getting started with beekeeping can be daunting, there are so many different styles of everything – tools, hive set ups, methodologies, protective gear, even bees! This class breaks it down and begins by introducing you to the most important part of beekeeping itself – the honey bee! We then address different set ups, along with recommendations suitable for varying climates. The goal of this class is to help you begin efficiently and effectively as as a successful steward to the honey bee. The class can be viewed here.